Tea Pairings

Greetings, members of the White Lotus, and Happy Tea Tuesday! Let's talk about some of the best things in the world: tea and food!

Similar to wine pairings, certain teas go well with certain foods and desserts. So if you ever find yourself with quarantine company or hosting an intimate tea party, here's a simple guide to follow if you need a little help. This will mostly focus on desserts as most Americans like myself drink tea with light snacks instead of full meals.

White Tea

White tea holds a very light flavoring. If you pair with it with too bold of a food flavoring, you'll lose the taste of the tea. Pair this light tea with light flavoring desserts like scones and sponge cake. For example, a white peach tea would pair perfectly with a madeleine.

Green Tea

Green tea has an earthy, vegetive taste. Being from the earth, this tea pairs well with nature's dessert: fruit! For example, a cup of Iroh (jasmine tea) would pair perfectly with grapes or strawberries. You can purchase Iroh here:

Oolong Tea

Oolong has a complex flavor that pairs well with multiple types of food and dessert, bringing out the best in all of them. It's the perfect tea for a food tasting. For a quick pairing, I suggest going for a mix of sweet and salty. For example, a hot cup of oolong would pair well with a peanut butter fudge brownie with peanuts or a slice of salted caramel cake.

Black Tea

Black teas are usually bold and robust and can be paired with a variety of sweets to balance out their flavor. From English breakfast to classic earl grey, an assortment of tiny sweets and finger foods would dazzle your guests and put you in the running for host of the year. For example, a pot of Sebastian (earl grey) and mini tarts would be a lovely pairing for a small social. You can purchase Sebastian here:

But if all else fails and you just want to serve your guests something quick and easy with tea, take it from Honey-senpai: cake is the way to go! (And you can find some great desserts in bulk at Costco and Sam's Club)

Sip Savory and Spill Responsibly! See y'all next Tuesday!

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