Scary Storytime

Greetings, White Lotus! Happy Spooky Tea Tuesday!

To help put y'all in the holiday spirit here's a short story I wrote in my creative writing class last year. It's in second person POV so you can definitely get immersed. Enjoy!

Witching Hour

You awake with a start. You’re panting, breathless as you try to make sense of your dark surroundings. You’re in bed, that’s for certain. But what time is it? You grab your phone to check. Hopefully, you didn’t actually miss an alarm. 3:01 am. Friday night. Or really Saturday morning. You sigh and lie back down, ignoring the urge to scroll through Twitter aimlessly to help bore you back to sleep. What was it that woke you? Did you have a forgotten project due perhaps? No, you’ve got until Monday to finish. A weird dream? No, a nightmare. It has to be.

But what about? You take a deep breath as you wipe your sweat-coated forehead. Can you even remember? Do you even want to remember? You’re probably just riled up from earlier. Your roommate was just messing around when they said that your dorm was haunted. It isn’t. Never has been and never will be. Just stupid Catawba lore. But that dream felt oddly realistic. And for some reason, you can’t shake it. Not like that weird dream you had about the flying burrito after that late-night run to Taco Bell last week. This one seemed to sink deep into your core. So what was that nightmare about?

Your body tenses as you start to remember the nightmare piece by piece. Each disturbing moment replaying as flashes in front of your eyes and somehow, the room seems to grow darker around you. No, it is supposed to be getting lighter. It is practically morning, right? But no. It’s getting darker. Shut up, stop over-thinking. Just remember. Right, you were walking around campus. Nothing out of the ordinary there. Just a casual night walk. You got into a spat with a friend and you just wanted to clear your head. Spotify and Do Not Disturb mode. Then something felt off. A chill sweeps past you and you unconsciously pull the covers closer to you. Remember, focus. Someone was following you. And not like when someone just so happens to be going the same way as you. You hoped it was, but you knew it wasn’t. So you kept walking down the sidewalk, hoping someone driving past would notice. But no one does. You can feel your heart start to race as you feel the presence behind you close the gap. Your mouth feels dry as the images completely take over your vision. A hand reaching for you, you can see the dark ghastly shape in the corner of your eye. Is there something there now? No, focus! You make the mistake of turning around to look at the figure before hearing the distinct honk of a truck barreling towards you. You turn back towards the direction you’re running and the blinding lights in front of you cause you to stop in your tracks. And right before the truck hits you, you woke up.

Your breath is shallow and sweat starts to drip down again. No, stop. Take a deep breath. You’re just psyching yourself out. No ghosts, no haunted dorm, no trucks, no flying burritos. Focus on what’s going on and to calm down and then go back to sleep. So what’s going on? Well, there’s an overthinking you, a dark room, and your roommate standing by the door. They must’ve gotten up to go to the bathroom a good bit ago. You feel a wave of comfort wash over you in their presence and settle back in bed. But them just standing there is a bit awkward. Even for them.

“Dude, go back to sleep.”

But they don’t move. Weird, but whatever. You cave and grab your phone. You notice a new text message. From your roommate. They went home for the weekend and they wanted to know if you wanted them to pick up anything for the room. That was hours ago. You look up again and the person standing by the door is still there. Did they move closer? You sit up quickly and immediately lift your phone to your face to call public safety or something, anyone to help with this late-night intruder. When you look up again, a pale face with eyes as black as night is illuminated by your phone screen. Before you can open your mouth to scream, a bony finger is placed on your lips. This chill sucked the air right out of your lungs as the assailant shushed you quietly.

“Don’t wake up.”

Sip Savory and Spill Responsibly! Have a safe and Happy Halloween!

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