My Mom Doesn't* like Anime

Greetings, new and current members of the White Lotus!

First, thank you for all of your orders and support! Such wonderful people you are!

So this is a kinda-sorta shady post. Hey, it's Tea Tuesday and I like spilling tea too. Let's get into it.

Ever since I was younger, my mother and I have been thick as thieves. Even still, there was one thing we couldn't really see eye to eye on was anime. She loves cartoons though, but something about the art style just doesn't click with her.


There has been plenty of times where she has watched with me, being noisy with shows that I watch in my room, got really into whatever show I was watching in the living room, sipping all of the Kool-Aid then trying to complain about the flavor. She likes to ask questions about characters, backstories and plot, and plenty of commentary and conversation about, well, everything. And when she gets into it, she's into it. She will fight me and say she doesn't want to watch because she "doesn't like anime" but when that storyline gets her, it's over.

Currently, she's been binge-watching Carole & Tuesday by herself after I introduced her to a few episodes. So, does she really dislike it?

But I love her. That's just the tea, sis. Sip savory and spill responsibly! See you next Tuesday!

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