Greetings, members of the White Lotus! Tea and conversation?

So, I drink a lot of tea. Obviously, that's why I started my own tea shop.

With that being said, I have a budding collection of things to drink tea out of. Looking on the website you can see this gorgeous teapot and matching cup. Those pieces are actually from my tea set! All of the photography on the site (done by @fabfoodieclub on IG), from the background photos to the photos of the teas themselves, were all done with my family's and my teacups, teapots, and flatware.

Pretty dope, huh? However, if I'm not hosting I don't pull out a tea set that often. So my go-to is a mug from the cabinet. Now we have a plethora of mugs in the cabinet from my dad's travels and such and a few given to the family as presents that everyone uses. I'm going to show you a few of my favorites as well as give a bit of back story to them. Now, these shots were taken with my phone, don't be mean.

So first up we have my "don't be a prick" mug:

This lovely number was given to me by my bestie/sister Victoria. It a part of a set of two so she has a matching one in pink that says "can't touch this." I have this weird love/obsession with cacti so when she saw it and with a matching one in her favorite color, just had to get it.

Next up, CinemaSins mug:

Youtube merch! CinemaSins is one of my favorite youtube channels. I love their shady and analytical style with all of the movies, including a few of my favorites. This bad boy was a part of their old merch collection and I had to cop it as soon as it went on sale. From the time it arrived in the mail, it's been my go-to mug.

Next, Okoye mug:

WAKANDA FOREVER! The African print design, comic book style portrait, and black interior make this one of the coolest mugs in my collection. Pure Black girl magic with every sip. This one was also given to me by the lovely Victoria as a "just because" present. She saw me geeking out over it in the store and surprised me with it later. She loves giving surprises.

Up next, ramen mug:

If you know me well, you know I love ramen. A bowl of ramen, a bottle of Ramune, and some anime playing is weeb paradise all day. And my favorite brand? Maruchan of course! Nissin cup noodles are okay, but Maruchan just hits better. Just like this mug! And the fact that the inside has that cheeky little note makes me smile every time.

Up next, Frozen mug:

Another present from Victoria! As you can see, she knows what I like. Frozen II was an amazing Disney movie that the two of us enjoyed together in a completely empty theatre. I remember it like it was yesterday, running through the isles and leaping around before the credits started. This cute white mug with a heart-shaped handle was a Christmas present from my "Elsa" that I will cherish 'til the paint comes off.

And last but certainly not least, Avengers mug:

Tea drinkers, assemble! To wrap up my Marvel/Disney collection, we have this dope mug right here. It was given to me by my friend Rebecca also a Christmas present while we were in school together. It features almost all of your favorites like Black Panther, Captain America, and Thor (which his eye was scratched out during my move back home). But the coolest part is when hot liquid is poured into the mug.

Picture reveal! It's so much fun to watch all the heroes appear out from behind the black covering with window lettering. It's been my dad's go-to mug since I've been home. I have to keep reminding him not to put it in the dishwasher, but he'll get it eventually.

So what do y'all like to drink your tea in? Let me know in the comments below!

Sip Savory and Spill Responsibly! Peace!

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