Kanade's Café Ep. 1

Greetings, White Lotus! So I wanted to start writing little scenes from Kanade's point of view as I used to do way back when (if you haven't read up on the story/origin of Kanade, click here). So, without further ado, welcome to Kanade's!

The shop had been closed for the evening for a few hours now, the lights that usually illuminated the warm oak tables and cozy teal chairs and loveseats had been turned off. The clean countertops and refilled to-go cups lied in wait for the following morning, their signature phoenix feather logo proudly presented at the front towards incoming customers. In the back, the "test kitchen", as Kanade calls it, and storage area sat stocked and ready for the next busy day ahead. The quiet hum of a tea kettle boiling water could be heard as Kanade Yamazaki herself, with her curls pulled back in a purple ribbon, was brewing a cup of tea. She fiddled with a vial of blue liquid in her hand, careful not to drop it as she waited for her company to arrive. A knock was heard at the back door. She smiled and rushed over to answer. Cool blue eyes met her gaze as she opened the door along with a curious look from the gentleman leaning against the threshold.

"Kanadina," Icarus smiled. "What do you need of me after hours?"

"I should be asking where your key is," Kanade replied as she led the way back to the waiting cup. "You are my partner after all. And it's not even that late."

"Silent partner," he retorted as he walked behind her. "And I left it at home. Where I should be watching a movie and drinking wine next to my loving girlfriend. Which you could have called for instead. Or your cousin."

Kanade took out a tin of black tea and scooped a spoonful into an infuser. "Mao is on a camping trip and Shiloh doesn't like being in test kitchen," she said as she poured water into the cup. "Especially with the metal tables back here."

He nods with a soft sigh. "You aren't wrong there. And what of Cyndar?"

"Did it for me at home."


"You just don't want to try this new flavor, do you?"

"I do, I do. I'm just concerned."

"I've been good! That blueberry muffin tea has been a hit with customers and you know it"

"And I'm not saying it wasn't. But you usually don't ask me for my opinion unless you're using–"

She holds up the blue vial with an excited smile. Icarus looks at her with a deadpan and unamused glare.

"Alchemy," he sighs.

"Okay, but hear me out," Kanade exclaims. "This is going to make the tea taste like any dessert you're thinking of. Any single one!"

"And you've perfected it?" he queries with a raised eyebrow.



"Please? Just try it. For me?"

Icarus groans as he rubs the back of his neck, muttering something under his breath in Italian before looking down at her. "Any dessert?"

"Any," she nods with a smile.

He shakes his head with a soft smile before sitting on one of the metal stools. "Let's test it."

She giggles ecstatically before calming down enough to pour in a couple of drops of the blue liquid into the cup carefully.

"It's all about intent," she says. "As you know with magic laced alchemy. You have to think of one specific dessert before you drink it."

"I got it, Willy Wonka," he chuckles. "Just give me the cup."

Kanade slides the teacup over to him before sitting down on the adjacent stool. Icarus picks up with tea and wafts it to catch the scent.

"Doesn't smell any different than a plain cup of black tea," he critiques. "But with intent, I suppose it could taste like...tiramisu."

He takes a sip and his eyes widened in surprise. He took another sip to confirm his thoughts and findings.

"Kanadina," he says. "It tastes like tiramisu! But not like any run of the mill tiramisu, no. More like my nonna's recipe. It's delicious!"

"I'm so glad it works!" Kanade giggles, green eyes sparkling with excitement.

He takes out his phone and turns on his front camera. "Just making sure I'm not turning into a blueberry," he chuckles.

"Yeah," she nervously smiles. "About that..."

"Kanade, why is my tongue blue?"

"Um, side effect? I was going to call it an added fun feature."

"Okay, how long does it last?"


"Kanade," he glared. "How long does this last?"

"A-about three days."

"Three days?!" he yelled. "What do you mean three days? How do you know it only lasts three days?"

"Because when Cyndar tried it first, i-it was a week."


Icarus opened his mouth to say something else but instead took a deep breath and put his hand out. Kanade sheepishly put the vial in his hand.

"This will be fixed by tomorrow," he said. "You are so lucky I love you, sorella."

"Thank you, Icarus," she sighed in relief.

"Stick with spells and basic recipes you can handle. A mage should never take on more than they can handle."

"Without a friend."

"Speaking of friends," he smirked as he tossed the vial up in the air to catch. "I might have to pay Vincent a visit."

"Have fun with that," she laughs. "See you tomorrow for your morning cup?"

"And an apple muffin. Also, my brother's coming into town. He said he wants to taste your famous cup of Italian breakfast. Maybe gift some artwork."

"Can't wait to see him."

"I'll wait for you outside. Can't let you walk to your car alone."

He leaves out the backdoor just as he came, the quiet returning to the closed café as Kanade begins to clean up the cup and dump out the kettle. With a soft sigh, she pulls the ribbon loose and lets her curls fall. She clips the ribbon in her hair before grabbing her bag and heading out the same way, smiling behind her as she turns off the lights.

Sip Savory and Spill responsibly. Happy Tea Tuesday!

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