Kanade and My First Month of Business

Greetings, White Lotus, and Happy Tea Tuesday! Let's get to it!

First off, y'all might have seen the dope new banner on the Facebook page. If not, it looks like this:

Clearing up a bit of confusion, that lovely lady chilling on the K is none other than Kanade Yamazaki herself! This amazing commission was done by Meek Illustrations (@drawingwithmeek on Instagram and Twitter). Planning to have merch with her on it soon so be on the lookout for that email/post.

Second, can I be real a second? This whole experience with opening this virtual tea shop has been absolutely awesome. Every order I receive, I feel like a kid on Christmas morning. Filling each order while listening to some tunes is usually the highlight of my days/evenings. Seeing the posts on social media and hearing how happy my customers are is so dope and fulfilling. This is honestly a dream come true. And answering your questions and listening to your suggestions is making me a better business owner day by day (I write them down and discuss them with my team before we go into the sample tasting process). It's a learning process, it's a creative process, and you have to trust it. And even on the slow days or days when flavors just don't work, I'm grateful to produce something that I love for you guys.

So thank you all for supporting me and following me on this journey. And get ready for new products on the site coming very soon!

Sip Savory and Spill Responsibly! See you next week!

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