Greetings, White Lotus and Happy Tea Tuesday! Dropping some knowledge for you today.

So life, even before COVID, has not been easy peasy lemon squeezy. More like stressed depressed lemon zest on a good day.

Stress and anxiety have been everyone's best frienemy since, well, forever. And more often than not, people turn to tea as a vice to calm themselves. But what's a good tea go-to to alleviate some of that stress and anxiety? I'll be happy to tell you.


If you don't know, now you know. Chamomile is usually the first tea everyone tells you to drink to calm yourself, especially before bed. It also helps calm the stomach and is loaded with antioxidants. (Relax with our Avdol: )


Rooibos tea is known for its amazing calming abilities as well as muscle relaxation. It's also perfect if you love that earthy taste with none of the caffeine.


This lovely flavorful tea is packed with antioxidants just like chamomile. To top it all off, hibiscus tea is also known to help reduce high blood pressure.

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Relaxing and minty fresh! This tea not only calms the full body but also focuses on the stomach. This is the tea for you if your tummy is stressed indeed.


If you need to calm down but also a mild caffeine pick-me-up, jasmine is a perfect choice. This relaxing green tea will also give you that soft boost to get you through the day.

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Don't you just feel relaxed already? I'll catch you all next Tuesday.

Sip Savory and Spill Responsibly!

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