How much

tea am I getting?

Each bag of Kanade's tea contains:

• Regular: 50 cups of tea (2 oz.) 

• Small: 25 cups (1 oz.)

• Sample: one cup


What is the

White Lotus Club?

Inspired by the Order of the White Lotus from "Avatar: The Last Airbender", the White Lotus Club is the blended group of subscribers and buyers here at Kanade's!


Where does the

tea come from?

Each blend of tea is purchased direct from growers in Asia and Africa, countries including China, Egypt, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Guatamala, India, and Japan!


What does

"Kanade" mean?

In Japanese, the name means "beautiful sound" which can describe what you hear when pouring a fresh cup of tea. It is also inspired by Kanade Tachibana from "Angel Beats", one of my first introductions to drama anime. For more detail,

check out my blog post!